Playing With the Drummer by Robin Covington – Review + Guest Post

Playing With the Drummer by Robin Covington - Review + Guest Post

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, language, and/or violence.
Playing With the Drummer by Robin Covington – Review + Guest PostPlaying With the Drummer on 12/29/2014
Pages: 236
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Entertainment journalist Lita Matthews is on the verge of making it big. As in her-own-TV-show big. She just needs amazing inside scoop on the year's hottest celebrity wedding. Instead, her big break is becoming a big nightmare—all thanks to rock star Rocky Cardano. Who apparently hasn't gotten over what happened between them four years ago... Rocky is pretty damn familiar with just how far Lita will go for a “scoop.” Hell, their unbelievably hot hook-up in Mexico years ago was the story of a lifetime. Rocky's learned his lessons. He'll do whatever it takes to keep her from the story—even if he has to seduce her to the point of distraction! But Lita has always had a way of getting under his skin. Only this time, he won't be able to just walk away...

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My Thoughts

Playing With the Drummer by Robin Covington is the sexy, angsty tale of two stubborn lovers fighting each other every step of the way. Lita was born to be in the spotlight. She has famous parents and calls the Hollywood Hills home. She is a reporter and she gets the exclusive chance to cover the wedding of the year: Jake from the band The Rift and Callie, her best friend’s sister and designer of Calliope Shoes. The only problem: Rocky, The Rift’s drummer. They had a 3 day anonymous rendezvous in Mexico four years earlier that ended badly. Lita disclosed Rocky’s location to other reporters. It’s something she’s regretted for 4 years but hasn’t known how to fix.

Rocky is the exact opposite of Lita. He is extremely private, doesn’t do interviews and has to be forced into band publicity ops. He doesn’t trust Lita after she betrayed him in Mexico and he thinks she is going to ruin Callie and Jake’s wedding. Rocky and Lita are forced to spend time together for wedding preparations and, inevitably, their not-so-deeply-buried sparks reignite.

Rocky and Lita have a hard time letting go of their past transgressions and moving forward. They are both insanely stubborn and protective of their hearts and neither of them like to give an inch. Their story had me laughing, tearing up, yelling at them and cheering. I loved the characters and the story line. I loved the way the story came together. Robin has written a super sexy story that was satisfying from beginning to end.

Guest Post

Finding Inspiration in 2015
by Robin Covington

I don’t know about you but I wear more than one hat. I am so many different “Robins” on any given day: mommy, wife, author, attorney, girl scout leader, singer. And I’m Type A and a perfectionist and it is hard for me to focus just on me and replenish my soul.

And let’s get real here today: I don’t have a ton of time to do all this refreshing and rejuvenating.

But, I’m determined to take a few small steps that will pamper me, refresh me, give me a little smile and giggle when I need it. For me creativity is my outlet and while I love to put words on the page and tell my stories, I also love putting my hands on scissors, stamps, and glue.
So here are the two creative things I’m doing in 2015:

AliEdwards_OneLittleWord_AlbumCover_originalOne Little Word Workshop with Ali Edwards: Those of you who scrapbook know all about Ali and her fresh, real, no-fuss way to document your life, to delve deeper into what feeds your soul and makes you tick. I signed up for the “One Little Word” workshop and I am determined to weave into my life and to use the scrapbook/creative projects to give me a boost. In short, you pick a word that you want to embody your life, your change, your mindset in the next year and through a series of prompts from Ali and creative projects you put it to work in your life. MY word for 2015 is ACHIEVE – and I cannot wait to see what the focus does for my life.
(you can find out more about the workshop here: One Little Word photo courtesy of Ali Edwards.

10612914_10203719824531016_6126497581333468643_nErin Condren Life Planner: I am an old school paper planner lover and usually I grab one from Target or Staples and keep up with all my stuff. But those planners are boring and flat. I use mine every single day so I went looking for one that could inspire me with color and life and encourage me to have fun as I keep organized. So I found this planner, fell in love and ordered one right away. Its full of color and inspiring quotes and when you get sucked into the crazy on Pinterest and YouTube, you will find a ton of people who personalize their planner each week and have fun doing it. I grabbed some washi tape, stickers and other supplies and began my journey with this planner. And I am happy to say that it makes me smile to use it and personalize it each week. Mission accomplished! (The photos are mine and here is a link where you can explore the ECLP and get $10 off if you get sucked in like I did! Link:

So tell me if you have new exciting stuff on tap for 2015!

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