{Review} The Corpse with the Silver Tongue by Cathy Ace

corpsesilverIn the south of France where hatred simmers in the heat, a man seemingly admired, and certainly feared, drops dead at a dinner party. All of the guests fall under suspicion, including Welsh-Canadian professor Cait Morgan. A criminologist who specializes in profiling victims, Cait sets out to solve the murder—and clear her name. Add to this the disappearance of an ancient Celtic gold collar said to be cursed and there you have the ingredients for a Nicoise salad of death, secrets, and lies. Will Cait find the killer before she, too, falls victim to a murderer driven by a surprising and disturbing motive?

The Corpse with the Silver Tongue is the first in the Cait Morgan mystery series, a classic whodunit series featuring the eccentric Professor Cait Morgan.

The Corpse with the Silver Tongue by Cathy Ace is the first in the Cait Morgan Mystery series. It is a smart, fun, cozy thriller. Cait Morgan is a professor and ends up having to go to Nice in the south of France to do a presentation in place of a colleague. While there, she runs into an old boss who she doesn’t really like, but feels obligated to accept his invitation to his wife’s birthday dinner that evening. Cait attends the dinner, though it doesn’t turn out at all like she expects. When her old boss drops dead, and everyone at the dinner party is poisoned, including Cait, she has to find out who killed her boss, and why…before she ends up dead. Cait has what is referred to as a ‘photographic memory’ and she is seasoned in the study of victimology, giving her some much-needed tools to find out ‘whodunit’. We’re also introduced to Cait’s good friend, Bud Anderson, who live in Canada with his wife Jan. He works for the police force, and is who Cait considers one of her only friends. He does what he can to help her from across the globe.

This is a wonderful story. Cathy Ace does an amazing job at painting the picture. I felt transported to France through her descriptions of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Cait Morgan is a well developed, likeable character. I felt like I could really relate to her and loved seeing her working on the mystery. If you’re looking for an action-packed cozy with well-developed characters, look no further. This is a great start to a series.


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