The Whisper Man by David Flynn

David Flynn has worked for as a writer and actor (under the screen name Patrick Flynne) David_Flynnand is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA). He has appeared in numerous motion pictures, both studio and independent productions, and in the daytime series, All My Children, Another World, Guiding Light and Loving and as the ongoing character Representative Ingersoll in videos for The Onion.


He has also performed as a spokesperson in numerous industrial films and television commercials, as a voiceover artist in radio broadcast commercials and as an English language narrator, editor and writer for several series on Ebru-TV, a Turkish company currently broadcasting on the Internet.


David has written 18 screenplays, including THE WAR CHANNEL, a Bronze Award Winner for Best Dramatic Screenplay at the Worldfest/Houston International Film Festival. This script was optioned by the Auerbach Company at Columbia TriStar Television. He has also co-authored two screenplays, one a Silver Award Winner for Best Dramatic Screenplay at Worldfest.


Under its original title, THE BRIDE OF DREAMS, the screenplay for THE UNDYING was one of fifteen semifinalists (out of a total of 3900 entrants) for a Nicholl Fellowship, a screenwriting competition sponsored by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). The Nicholl is considered to be the most prestigious screenwriting competition in the industry.


His novel THE WHISPER MAN is the first in a series of mysteries that focus on unusual crimes and criminals in New York City.


Book Genre: Mystery

Publisher: Amazon

Release Date: Jan 3, 2014

Book Description: Sex, vanity and psychology are the weapons David Barry uses as he kills for money in THE WHISPER MAN.

David’s prey – and profit – are the wealthy of New York City,
with each murder crafted to look like a suicide, an accident or the work of another, but always with the goal of increasing David’s balance sheet. When a close friend of Manhattan ADA Joseph Kane dies at the 
apparent hand of his wife, Kane refuses to believe in her guilt. He investigates the recent deaths of several prominent and wealthy New Yorkers and decides there may be an undiscovered killer behind them.

Kane develops a prime suspect and triggers a battle of wits with the brilliant and
arrogant David Barry who must kill again, not for profit this time but to protect his identity. The jealousy of Kane’s insecure wife and conflicts with his boss become the tools David will use to destroy his adversary.


Quentin was seated behind his desk when Joe entered his office.

“Mr. Barry has been filling me in on your activities on behalf of this office. Would you care to comment?”

“I have reason to believe that Clau… Mr. Barry has committed at least three felonies in this jurisdiction. My office is conducting an inves…”

“Your office…”, interrupted David Barry, “Or you?”

Joe held his gaze on Quentin and ignored his accuser.

Quentin filled in the silence. “We have discussed this matter previously, I believe. Is Mr. Barry the individual you have been investigating?”

“He is.”

“Have you developed any evidence which justifies a continuation of your investigation?”

“I am pursuing a number of leads…”

Quentin held up his hand and cut Joe off in mid sentence.

“I asked specifically about evidence.”

Joe bit down hard on his ego before answering. If he said yes, Quentin – and at the same time David Barry – would know the direction Joe’s investigation was taking and he couldn’t afford to reveal anything to David Barry just yet. “No.”

Quentin nodded, then placed his hands flat on the desk. “I see.”

He turned toward David Barry. “Thank you for coming, Mr. Barry. He stood up, forcing the other man to stand as well, and escorted David toward the door. “And I appreciate your discussing this with me, rather than the press. Rest assured I will take care of the issue and you will not be hearing from this office, or any of its representatives again.”

He opened the door for David. “And please accept a full apology for the inconveniences you have suffered.”

Quentin’s smile vanished as the door closed and he marched back behind his desk. “I’m reassigning all your cases, effective immediately. You are on administrative leave until further notice.”

Joe jumped out of his chair and went eyeball to eyeball with his boss. “Quentin, are you out of your fucking mind?” he shouted.

Quentin Reisling shook his head sadly. “As I said to Mr. Barry before you arrived… you’re under a tremendous strain and it’s affecting your work so I’ll disregard that outburst. I suggest you use the time off to seek medical assistance with your problem.”

Joe glared at the District Attorney, unable to believe that the man could so dishonor his office and a member of his staff for mere political gain. He started to say something in anger when he realized there was no profit in it. He understood that the gulf between himself and Quentin Reisling had just widened beyond repair, too wide to ever be crossed. Joe contained his fury as he rose and strode from the room.



1 DVD of The Undying, written and produced by Author, David Flynn


The Undying is a 2011 American supernatural romantic thriller written by David M. Flynn and Steven Peros and directed by Steven Peros. The film stars Robin Weigert, Anthony Carrigan, Wes Studi, Jay O. Sanders, and Sybil Temtchine. Wikipedia

Initial release: October 25, 2009

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