Witch Way to Mintwood by Addison Creek

Witch Way to Mintwood by Addison Creek
Witch of Mintwood Mystery #1
Self-Published • December 19, 2016

House falling down? Check. Pet sitting job with annoying clients? Check. Ability to speak to ghosts, which has the unfortunate side effect of having to listen to what they say back? Double check! Hot high school crush still in town being all successful and stuff while you protest his building projects? All kinds of checks! Did anyone say Witch of Mintwood? Yup! Just add murder and this will be a week to remember!

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Meet Lemmi:

I’m Lemmi, and I’m the new Witch of Mintwood, Maine. I’d say the simplest thing to do is to talk about how I feel about taking over as the Witch of Mintwood from my grandmother, who died under mysterious circumstances. A new witch in town is always intriguing, come to find out that’s true even when it’s me.

Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy trying to keep my head above water and dealing with my pet ghost cat that I haven’t had much time to look into the circumstances of my grandmother’s death, but I intend to get to it eventually.

There’s also been the little matter of solving murders. Luckily, I have help in that department. My two best friends know my secret, and Paws the ghost cat is my sidekick. What’s more, my high school crush is still around town. I’m pretty sure he’s better looking than ever, but don’t tell him I said so. There’s more to him than meets the eye, but what meets the eye sure is plenty. Sadly, his grandfather doesn’t want him to have anything to do with me. He didn’t approve of my grandmother either, so at least I’m in good company. It’s okay, though. I’m plenty busy. I’m a witch, after all.

My Thoughts

I was really excited to read Witch Way to Mintwood by Addison Creek. I have been craving a fun, paranormal, cozy mystery, and this one fit the bill. Lemmi is a great character and I found myself liking her right from the start. The small-town elements with the paranormal thrown in really made this story stand out. I love reading a book that makes me laugh, and I had quite a few laugh-out-loud moments with this book. I can’t wait to read more in this series!

About the Author

Reading, writing, dark chocolate, and cheese.

Hello! I’m the author of the Witch Way to Mintwood series and the Spooky Business series! I live in New England and love it. I survive the winter by layering, good-natured complaining, and more layering. In case you were wondering. Hearing from readers is always lovely, so come visit me here me on my blog or Facebook.


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